Warranty Policy

The satisfaction of our customers is our number one priority. We are dedicated to high-quality, lasting repairs and have a one year limited-warranty on all our work. If your repair fails within the first year due to a defect with our work, please contact us at 541-306-8727 or myrepair@ruggedthread.com and we will cover shipping costs round-trip. Please note that our warranty only applies to areas we directly worked on and does not extend to the entirety of your item, nor does it cover normal wear-and-tear damage from the user.

If your item has sentimental value and you have specific requests regarding the functionality and/or aesthetic of your repair, you must inform us of this in writing, via email at myrepair@ruggedthread.com, prior to us beginning any work. We are not liable for any perceived damages to sentimental items sent in for repair.

We will do our best to get your item back to you how you envision it (or better), but we cannot guarantee it because everyone’s vision is different. Our goal is functionality, durability, and quality. Thus, while we will do our best to take customer input into account, our repair technicians ultimately decide the best way to repair an item. By sending your item in for repair, you agree to these terms and conditions and allow our facility to alter your item(s) as we see fit.

With all that said, we do not offer refunds on our work. However, if you are unsatisfied in any way with your repair we want to hear from you and will work with you to fix it!


info@ruggedthread.com or myrepair@ruggedthread.com