Shop photo: Zipper graveyard from replacing 100s of sliders annually.


Nearly all clothing and gear used on outdoor adventures have zippers and are likely to fail over time. Life is full of hard problems to solve and your broken zipper isn’t one of them.

We replace and upgrade broken zippers on outdoor performance jackets and pants, down jackets, tents, bags and backpacks, sleeping bags, and even camper trailers and cushion covers.

Broken zippers make our clothing and gear unusable before the resources are worn-out and contribute to the 16 million tons of textile waste we throw away every year in America. So join us in keeping the story of your outdoor clothing and gear from ending in a landfill by fixing your stuff!  


Got a rip in your ski jacket, a burn on your moto pants or a blowout on the seat of your hunting pants? Do you tailor your casual everyday clothes but need your ski pants hemmed? How about the zipper on your jacket, does split open when you zip it closed or is there a missing part?  Repairing technical outdoor clothing is the foundation of our repair roots, in other words, we are masters. Whether you’re a local to Central Oregon or you’ll mail your broken gear, we’ll fix it as good as or better than new!

NOTE: To avoid our $35 cleaning fee, please clean your items before bringing or shipping them to us. Dirty items gum up our machines and are a detriment to the happiness and well-being of our staff. Thanks!

Customer adventure: Father and son climbing. His actual repair: new jacket zipper.
Customer adventure: Gap year road trip from Oregon to New Mexico. Location: Yosemite. Actual repair: Patched hole in backpack from a hungry chipmunk.


People get attached to their gear because of the places they’ve been and the memories they’ve built. Whether you’ve got a broken buckle on your waist belt, melted webbing on a moto bag, a chipmunk gnaw-hole in your backpack, or your zipper splits open or got mangled–fix it and get out on a new adventure together!

NOTE: Before mailing your bags and backpacks, please remove any and all metal support pieces, plastic stiffer parts and foam padding. Use your logic when removing parts, call the manufacturer if you have questions about removable parts and take photo’s before removing the pieces so you can reassemble.  Removing these parts will save you huge shipping and labor costs.


If you’re the kind of person who likes the latest and greatest and you’re ready to upgrade because of a broken zipper, please remember to repair before donating so it stays out of the waste stream because donating broken items is actually a “feel good” path to the landfill.

Note: When repairing tents, please send or bring us only the part of the tent we are working on and include the tent bag if it needs repair.  

kelty tent repair
Customer adventure: Bicycle ride from Florida to Alaska. Location: near Haines, AK. Actual repair: new zipper sliders
Customer adventure: Overnight getaway. Location: Sparks Lake, Cascade Lakes Highway. Actual repair: Patch on multiple down baffles.


Whether your dog chewed a hole in your sleeping bag, sparks burned a hole through it, or your zipper just isn’t working, we can help.


Even if you don’t see your item listed here, there’s a good chance we can still fix it. Our repairs are 90% utility and 10% creative engineering. We love working with our customers to redesign their clothing and gear to work specifically for them. Give us a call or email us with your project.

Customer adventure: early morning fat tire bike ride. Location: Mt. Bachelor, OR. Actual repair: added custom leg vents on thigh.