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Motorcycle Clothing & Gear Repair

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Repair your motorcycle clothing and gear.

Jackets • Pants • Panniers • Soft-sided luggage • Bags

Zipper Repair

motorcycle jacket zipper

Zipper repair is our specialty! We swap out sliders and do full zipper replacements in a variety of colors and styles. Check out our zipper service page to learn more.

Motorcycle Bag Repair

Giant Loop bag

Whether your bag just needs a new zipper or needs to be entirely rebuilt after a crash, we can help.

Outerwear Patching

Klim jacket patch

Burn a hole in your jacket? Patch it! We use cordura for maximum durability and seam seal our stitching to keep your gear fully waterproof.

Webbing & Strap Repair

Are your straps starting to detach from your pack? We can reinforce, reattach, or replace straps.

Buckles & Hardware

fixing broken buckle on moto bag

Broken buckles or busted snaps should never be the end of your gear. We stock a variety of buckle types and it’s generally a simple fix.

Crotch Blowouts

Rip your favorite motorcycle pants? We can patch and seam seal the area so you’d never even know.

Beautiful. Quality. Repairs.

We regularly work on brands such as Klim, AlpineStars, Dianese, Icon, Mosko Moto, and Giant Loop.

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