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Josie Kinney

Photo from Oregon section of the PCT

Our Local PCT Guru, Woody Keen

By Customer Adventures

My connection to the Pacific Crest Trail is 3 fold. First and foremost, I am a user of the PCT. I day hike sections, backpack other sections and trail run some sections. It is one of my go to trails when I seek solitude, or need the spiritual healing that the trail and forest always offer, or on other sections seeing many others with smiles on their faces and me knowing they too are receiving the benefits that being on trail offers. The PCT is a very well designed trail (and I should know, I am a retired professional trail consultant) and maintained trail.

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Mobile Event at REI of Bend Garage Sale

By Events

REI Garage Sales are worth getting up early for–especially since we’ll be there fixing broken items for FREE! There will be great deals on returned and used clothing and gear, so come stock up for all your summer adventures.

This Saturday, June 8th from 8am-2pm at the REI of Bend.

Please note that our studio will be CLOSED in order to attend and staff this event.

See you bright and early!

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mobile event at Spoken Moto

The Future of the Textile Industry is Circular

By Industry News

If nothing changes, by 2050 the fashion industry is on track to consume a quarter of the world’s annual carbon budget, dump 22 million tons of microfibers in the ocean, and burn 300 million tons of petrochemicals every year.[1] Yet that’s not a necessary cost in order to clothe—even fashionably—every person on the planet. The current industry relies on non-renewable resources to mass produces clothing and gear which are, ultimately, destined for the landfill. However, this wasteful system is changing from the inside out, thanks to a rapidly growing repair economy.

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