Tenacious Tape

Outerwear Repair with Tenacious Tape

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Using the Strength of Tape for Outerwear & Gear Repair Not too long ago a friend taped the Strength card from her tarot deck onto my bike using packing tape. Granted she got the cards from Goodwill but this was quite a gesture to split up her deck and power-tape it to my bicycle! Since that day I took that card on a hundred rides.  The card was still taped to the bicycle when my daughter took it to college, I just now remember the card has been gone for over a year when the bike was stolen her freshman […]

Sleeping bag repair

Big Agnes Down Sleeping Bag Repair

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Up for repair this week is this BIG AGNES down sleeping bag.  This bag is core gear on cold nights for ultra athlete Chris Scotch, from Bend, Oregon, an annual participant in Minnesota’s Arrowhead Ultra that takes place during the coldest week of winter. This repair is not under warranty– it’s good to know that bleach destroys nylon. We ordered an ounce of 800 Fill Power White Goose Down with Activ-Dri from Thru-Hiker.com to refill what was lost then mend the inner baffles and patch it over it with fresh, beautiful down-proof nylon.  #BigAgnes #RuggedThread #TenaciousTape #Sleepingbagrepair