Broken Zipper?

Sometimes this type of zipper problem just needs a new slider, sometimes a new zipper. Bring it in, lets take a look!

Zipper questions are easy to answer, call or text 541-306-8727 for more information.

We fix, replace, upgrade and retrofit all kinds of zippers including outerwear jackets and pants, down jackets, life vests, tents, sleeping bags, backpacks, bike bags and even camper trailers and awnings.

Jumping Jack Trailers door zipper repair, just needed new sliders!

Here’s the lowdown for when “My zipper doesn’t work!”

Zipper separates or opens when it zips up: Common on down jackets, tents, sleeping bags and packs.  Jackets and sleeping bags can be repaired for $12 while you wait!

  • If your zipper separates the slider is worn or bent and no longer mesh the teeth together– only the slider needs to be replaced.
  • If you are in the field and want to (temporarily) fix it yourself, use pliers to bend it back to its original form, the trick is to bend just a little then test.

Broken teeth, missing teeth, or worn out coil zipper = new zipper:

Zipper replacement prices vary due to construction and upgrade options. We provide exceptional quality craftsmanship on zipper replacement. When replacing zippers, here are some things to consider:

  • Sometimes only one side of the zipper needs to be replaced if it matches up with a new zipper, the cost can be reasonable and the result beautiful.


  • Prices on zipper replacement vary due to construction– for jackets it depends if there is a wind-flap, seam tape, lining, binding, snaps, seam tape or Velcro connected to the zipper area.
    • A simple zipper replacement in a jacket costs $35 with more complicated construction ranging $65, $75 & $85.
  • Tent zipper replacement is charged by the foot ($9-$16/foot) but most tent zippers only need new sliders ($20-$35).
  • Backpack and bag zipper replacement is billed by the hour.
  • Keep in mind that matching zipper color can be tricky because manufacturers lab-dip zipper colors.  Although we do our best to work with manufacturers on replacement zippers, matching exact zipper color and styles may not be possible and special orders on zippers is common.

Lets get you all zipped up! 

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15 thoughts on “Broken Zipper?

    • Micki- yes,the drop off system is set up 7 days a week from 8am-6pm. There are tags outside the studio door, please fill out a tag– briefly describe your repair and include your phone number. I’ll text to let you know that I got it, and get back to you with a quote no later than Tuesday.

  1. Hello,

    I have soft, fold up, dog kennel. A hard kennel won’t fit in my car and it’s a requirement that my giant Alaskan Malamute rides in one. Otherwise, he tries to drive the car haha. He broke the zipper on it immediately and he can get out of it no problem. Is there a heavy duty, industrial zipper that can be sewn on the kennel door instead? I just spent almost $200 on the kennel for it to not work. If you can replace the zipper, how long do you think it will take you to fix? I have to travel with this giant dog of mine over the holidays.

    • Ashley, I apologize if I did not respond to your query. The zipper we could use is a #10, it is very big but not dog-chew proof. You should stop by the shop and take a look, I think we could come up with something, as far as turn around time, I’d plan on two weeks because this is the peak of the busy winter season. Let me know if you have any further questions, Kim

  2. I would like to say a big thank you to the author of this blog for giving detailed explanations on different zippers and how to troubleshoot any issues with them. Well written with lots of picture. I had a down jacket and the zipper packed up on me and I was very worried on how to replace the zipper or if I needed to replace the jacket because the zipper seams looked complicated. On reading this blog I discovered that the slider just needed tighten so following your advice I was able to fix it with a pair of pliers in no time.
    Once again thank you!

    • Tola, you are welcome for the zipper information, I am happy it made your day more wonderful. Zippers are a bit of a mystery and sometimes repairing them is an experiment like you just did. If you are local, a new slider can be replaced on the spot for $12-15, so swing by during business hours and your coat will function excellent for another few years.

      Kind regards,

    • Tola, you are welcome! Thank you for your post and it makes me happy to hear that your zipper is back in action. Eventually you will need a new slider replacement, they are very inexpensive. Let me know if you have any other questions, Kim

  3. Hi I have a 2009 Gap field coat that is otherwise nice but the zipper keeps getting stuck and or separating It is a large man’s coat I am a 44 long can you make suggestions as to how to fix it I like the style used on the Burberry field jackets My jacket has a brass zipper

    • Rich, it sounds to me like all you need is a new slider. You should be able to find one locally at a tailor shop or even a cobbler. It is an inexpensive repair that can be done on the spot.

    • John, sounds like all you need is a new slider, the metal part that opens and closes the zipper. You may be able to get it repaired locally at an automotive upolstry shop or even a cobbler; if not we are happy to work on it. Our shipping address is on our website. The slider should have a number and letter on the back, if so, text that number to me to see if it is something we stock, 541-306-8727.

  4. I have a backpack that the front zipper came apart before she was able to use it. I live in Louisiana and cannot find someone to repair it.
    Do you take orders that.are shippto you?
    Email. Denise.theriot
    Phone (337) 256-2196

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