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We are currently hiring for a sewing and repair technician

Are you interested in working in the Outdoor Industry? Is it important to be part of a positive cultural shift towards reducing our carbon footprint and keeping textiles out of the landfill? Do you like working with your hands and problem solving but don’t like repetitive production work? Do you have an eye for quality and enjoy a casual yet fast paced work environment? Are you interested in developing a technical skill that pays a family wage and being part of a long-term startup team? 



We are a technical outdoor clothing and gear repair facility located in Bend, Oregon. We repair all four seasons of high performance soft-goods like Gore-Tex-type jackets and pants, down jackets, bags and backpacks, tents, sleeping bags, motorcycle gear, and tons of zippers.   



Every second, a garbage truck of textiles is thrown in the landfill—totaling 16 million tons a year. Technical outdoor clothing and gear is primarily made of petrochemicals that pollute our lands and waters and take over 250 years to break down.

We ensure that the story of our stuff doesn’t end in a landfill because of a broken zipper, missing snap, worn Velcro, a rip or burn. We repair items for individuals, manufacturers, and recommerce platforms. To date, we have kept over 30,000 pounds of textiles out of the landfill.



1-2 experienced lead sewing technicians with at least 1 year of industrial sewing experience. Preference given to candidates who know how outdoor clothing and gear is constructed and used in the field.



We are hiring based on experience, efficiency, and quality. $14-23/hour DOE. Our three skill levels are defined as:

  1. Apprentice: Basic industrial sewing machine knowledge including tension, threading needle, installing needles, needle position, winding bobbins. Ability to notice quality expectations and when machines are not working properly. Basic garment and outdoor gear construction, some zipper knowledge, patching, and general problem-solving skills. Entry apprentice compliance begins at 2-4 times slower than that of Rugged Thread’s mastery skill and efficiency rate.
  2. Journeyperson: High use of multiple industrial sewing machine skills, move easily between different machine types. General understanding of production setup, thread selection, fabric use, garment and gear deconstruction and reconstruction. Compliant with 1.5 times Rugged Thread mastery time/efficiency and quality standard requirement.
  3. Master: Comprehensive understanding of all four seasons of outdoor gear and clothing deconstruction, problem solving techniques, use of tools, needle and thread selection, collaborative attitude, best practices, reconstruction etc. High quality standards, able to quickly execute complete projects from planning, deconstruction, repair, reconstruction, seam tape, inspection etc. Fully compliant with Rugged Thread mastery time/efficiency and quality standard requirements.



  • Repair technicians are creative problem solvers; they are the backbone of our service and product.
  • Responsible for evaluating damaged items, proposing repair options and understanding cost estimates, deconstructing items for repair, preparing repair materials, completing technical repairs, tracking repair time and materials, and performing quality inspections.
  • Work on industrial sewing equipment: walking needle, walking foot, serger, cover stitch/flat seam, and cylinder bed. 
  • Some of your projects will include: technical sewing on outerwear, tents, backpacks, sleeping bags, motorcycle bags, seam (heat) taping, zipper repair and replacement 
  • Work onsite in Bend, OR.
  • We have been in business since 2011 and will teach these skills including quality and efficiency standards.
  • Have a fun and be engaged



  • Industrial sewing machine operation experience, threading of machines, needle installation and general understanding of machine use and limits
  • Production sewing and knowledge in garment construction, bag and pack construction, sample sewing
  • Have a background in outdoor activities such as skiing, camping, climbing, backpacking, fishing, hunting, bike riding, horseback riding, motorcycling or anything which requires the use and understanding of technical outdoor clothing and gear use
  • Ability to responsibly use work related equipment and materials
  • Professional English language communication skills in all three forms: written, verbal and listening. Must be able to express and exchange ideas and information, give and receive instructions accurately, loudly and quickly
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to plan and organize; good time management skills
  • Ability to follow & retain information (e.g., policies, procedures) or find it as needed
  • Problem solving ability
  • Ability to operate and remain calm and professional under pressure of deadlines
  • Cooperative person
  • Team oriented
  • Patient disposition
  • Able to work independently
  • Ability to function in fast-paced environment
  • Hand dexterity and strength
  • Ability to match color
  • Good vision for detailed work including threading needles and deconstruction without damaging the item that is being repaired
  • Lift and carry up to 45 pounds on occasion


WAGE:  $14-23/hour DOE

Apprentice: $14/hour starting wage, $15/hour after probation, $16/hour at efficiency compliance and quality of two seasons of outdoor clothing and gear. Able to teach skills to new hires.

Journeyperson: $17+/hour at proficiency levels compliant with Rugged Thread journey time/efficiency and quality standard requirement. Able to teach skills to apprentice team.

Master: $23/hour fully compliant with Rugged Thread mastery time/efficiency and quality standard requirement. Able to teach skills to apprentice and journeyperson team.


Workload: 40 hours per week Monday-Friday or Tuesday-Saturday at our Bend, Oregon location

Benefits: Paid time off, sick days and community development days after 1 year of employment; profit sharing.


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