Rugged Thread, based in the outdoor mecca of Bend, Oregon, can repair all four-seasons of technical outdoor clothing, adventure gear, tents, backpacks and bags, motorcycle clothing and bags, soft-sided luggage and broken zippers. Come on in or ship repairs to us!  If you have any questions or need a quote call or text us at 541-306-8727!

We strive to make the repair experience easy, affordable, and of the highest quality while contributing to the well-being of our planet and people. Every year 16 million tons of clothing and textiles are thrown away in the United States alone.  Sadly, everything we use for outdoor adventure like sleeping bags and backpacks to jackets and tents are made from petrochemicals that take 200+ years to breakdown in the landfill.  Each of us makes a difference by fixing our stuff instead of buying new and before donating to charity to ensure our stuff can be used and not end up in the shredder. We are committed to protecting the environment by ensuring the story of our stuff doesn’t end in a landfill. 

Not sure what’s wrong with your zipper? Check out the anatomy of zippers and get it fixed!

You don’t have to be a local to get your clothing and gear fixed. Just call us for a price quote, fill out our online shipping form, mail us your goods, and we’ll send ’em back good as new!


Tuesday 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM

Wednesday & Thursday 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM

Friday 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM

Sat 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Sunday & Monday CLOSED

Address: 2618 NW Marken Street, Bend OR. 97701 Map

Thank you Bend retailers for referring your clients to Rugged Thread: REI of Bend, Patagonia of Bend, Mountain Supply, Giant Loop Moto, Pine Mountain Sports, and Gear Peddler.

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  1. Rugged Thread fills a void that most people (at least every outdoor enthusiast) have. No one wants to spend hard-earned $$$ replacing a piece of gear that can be easily fix by someone with the know how. Not to mention that I personally want to keep using nice worn-in clothing or equipment. Kim first fixed the straps on my ski bag and reinforced the stitching better than original. I was in Florida and we did it all smoothly by mail. Next, 2 bicycle water pack zippers (1 repaired, 1 replaced) and my favorite pair of outer MTB shorts. First rate repair and at a fraction of the cost of replacement. Her repair quotes are spot on without any surprises. Completion dates are kept as promised. Without a doubt I will be an ongoing customer as I hope to keep playing outdoors for many more years. Save money, waste less, enjoy more.

  2. Just got my jacket back as she went on vacation the day I dropped it off for repair. It’s at her house where she has a front work shop that is very professional.

    She texts, she has great customer service annnnnd she’s just a regular Bendite living life!

    I can tell the repair is well done since I can’t even tell what she did…….

    I highly recommend Rugged Thread for outdoor adventure gear repairs!

    Read more: http://www.city-data.com/forum/bend/2166147-outerwear-repair-town-bend-rentals-house.html#ixzz3CvqcxyEq

  3. I called Kim about a Tent Zipper repair. My Big Agnes Parkview 2 tent zippers have not worked the same since a wind storm in Red Rocks got super fine grit in them. Once we got talking on the phone and I understood better all that she can do I realized I have all kinds of things I would like repaired. I brought over my Patagonia puffy with a zipper that was causing me problems, along with the tent. Kim fixed the puffy on the spot. Zipper works great now. She told me she would have the tent done by that Friday. I got a text letting me know it was done on Friday, and picked it up. The prices for both fixes were very reasonable. I am very happy with the work Kim has done for me and will be back soon.

    I love my gear, we have been places, and done things. I would much rather have my old gear repaired than new gear. I’m so happy to have discovered RuggedThread!

  4. Now there is a service in Bend for sailboat owners when they need their sail repaired, sail covers made or repaired. Had a sail cover repaired for the main sail and one made for the head sail and they turned out beautiful! Kim is very professional and skilled in her craft with very little turn around time.

  5. Kim – thanks so much for working on my down jacket and pants. A lot of great memories with that jacket and I am looking forward to many more now that you made it like brand new.
    A note to all…I highly recommend Rugged Thread for all types of repairs. Great skill, great service, can fix anything, all at a great price.
    Happy trails….Jim

    • Thanks for the comment Jim, you do have a lot of memories in that AWESOME down jacket! Thanks for entrusting it to Rugged Thread to bring it back to life!

  6. Good afternoon …

    I am wondering if you would be able to fix my favorite winter jacket … I need to have zipper replaced .. Could you let me know how much it would be ? I live in SoCal near Huntington Beach Ca .

    • Hi Junior Delgado, yes of course your zipper can be repaired or replaced. What brand is it? Send a quality picture of the zipper problem and a picture of the jacket front so I can see how its constructed. Zipper replacements run $55-90 depending upon its complexity/simplicity of construction.

  7. I have a backcountry ski pack where the hip belt was tearing out to the point that I thought I would have to buy a new pack. My wife had Kim repair one of our sleeping bags so I thought I would see if she could repair the pack versus having to buy a new one. I picked the pack up this week and the repair job was incredible. The repair has actually made the pack stronger than when it was brand new. I would highly recommend Kim for any repairs to outdoor equipment.

  8. Hi Kim, I have a giant Loop bag. The strap is melted from the exhaust pipe. And part of the bag is separated from the strap about an inch. I would like to send it to you to have it repaired is that possible. Thank you Kevin Harris

    • Kevin, yes, please send it to:
      Rugged Thread2618 NW Marken Street
      Bend, OR 97703

      We are running about 3 weeks right now, as we are taking next week off for catchup and play time. Pricing runs $50/hour, once I get the bag I will call or text with a quote for your approval.

      Kind regards~ Kim

  9. Do you mail order? We have a 80 dollar skating jacket for my daughter and the zipper is broke! -agh

    In Vermont. Thanks

    • Nathalie, yes we mail order but you should be able to find someone to repair your zipper that is local. First you need to know what is wrong with it, does it just need a slider?? If you are missing the starter box or starter pin at the very bottom of the zipper, or missing teeth or teeth pulling away from the zipper tape it is a new zipper. If the zipper separates when zipped it is just a new slider. On the back of every slider is a number, hopefully you can find that part locally. Send us a text with a pic if you want help figuring it out. Also, hold the manufacturer/brand accountable!!

  10. Hi there! My name is Chloe and I am 21 year old outdoor enthusiastic as well as clothing “fixer upper” I have a solution driven attitude and I have been repairing outdoor clothing for my friends and family for years now. Are there any job opportunities at rugged thread? I currently reside in Bellingham WA. Thanks for your time! I would love to talk further/ show you some of my work.

    • Chloe, please send a resume. I’d like to know more about your sewing skills, have you worked with industrial machines? We work predominately on outdoor clothing and gear, tell me more about you. Have you thought about moving to Bend?

  11. Airline broke a wheel on my rolling suitcase. Can you replace a wheel? I’d hate to have to buy a whole new suitcase.

  12. Hi Kim-

    We need to have the zipper sliders replaced on our Marmot tent, easy job for you! Two doors, 4 sliders. Worn out after 2 years on the road, traveling by moto. We live in Newport but will be riding over to a rally in John Day in June. Is it possible for us to make an appointment to have it done on the way over? There is no longer this service in Corvallis anymore.
    Thanks – Keith and Jalene
    http://www.southonabike.com for photos if you are bored sometime :-)

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