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Kimberly Kinney, the founder and Chief Repair Officer, in her studio.  Bend OR

Hi, my name is Kim, I started in this business at the age of 20 when I dropped out of college to ski.

Already having the passion for fashion and skill of sewing, I landed a great job at the Little Cottonwood Tailor Shop at Snowbird, Utah.  Besides skiing every day, I was trained in the classical art of tailoring with a ski resort twist!

Kim2014 bootfit

Participant in 2014 Skiing Magazine’s America’s Best Bootfitter’s boot test, Mt. Bachelor OR

Since then, I’ve worked freelance in the outerwear industry, in-house for one of Utah’s local outerwear brands, Tsunami, and built and operated a successful retail, repair and custom ski clothing facility, Wasatch Design, at Snowbird Ski Resort in Utah.

In all, I’ve spent over 10,000 hours learning from the ground up- repairing, tailoring, sourcing, developing and field-testing outerwear, merchandising and manufacturing.

Kim riding vintage BMW K-75, NEW in 1988!

I bought this BMW K75 new in 1988, now I’m a vintage rider, ha!

Our family has been living in Bend since 2005.  I opened Rugged Thread in 2011 to bring a practical service to the active outdoor community and fulfill my passion as an artist, artisan, engineer and to develop my business savvy.

Jim, my favorite ski parnter for over 20 years, he makes me smile!

I appreciate my partner and favorite ski buddy for over 20 years, thank you Jim!

As an outdoor enthusiast I understand the alchemy between fashion, fit, technology and function and enjoy geeking out on textiles, equipment, machines, tools, and collaborating with other talent to beautifully get the job done.

I enjoy meeting and helping people and working and playing in the outdoors—I am so lucky to love what I do for work, and I can’t wait to meet YOU!

Let’s get repairin’, in early February!

Simply text or call Kim: 541-306-8727

Open Studio Hours: Tues, Thurs, Fri, Sat. 10am. – 2:00pm.

Scheduled drop-off/pick-up can be made 7 days per week from 8am – 6pm

Studio Location: 2618 NW Marken Street, Bend OR. 97701 Map
Thank you Bend retailers for referring your clients to Rugged Thread: REI of Bend, Patagonia of Bend, Mountain Supply, Giant Loop Moto, Pine Mountain Sports, and Gear Peddler.

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