Minnesota Arrow Ultra athlete needs a sleeping bag repair and added down.

Got a rip or burn hole? We patch, stitch and seam tape outerwear, ski, snowboard, snowmobile and motorcycle jackets and pants. We repair down jackets and sleeping bags, tents and screens, pop-up tent trailer zippers, hammocks, and sails and repair and make custom sailboat covers.

  • Quick Turn-Around, call or text 541-306-8727 for availability or questions.

Zipper Repair is a passion, simply put we make zippers work!  Many zipper repairs are very inexpensive, call with questions!

  • We repair, replace, upgrade and retrofit zippers on technical outdoor clothing, backpacks, bags and tents.
  • We replace heavy-duty zippers on motorcycle bags, tent trailers, Jeep soft-tops, and sailboat covers.

Rip-Repair-Rewear:  Just like it sounds, we fix zippers, replace VELCRO®,  add snaps and straps (webbing), buckles, and shock cord and repair rips, holes, and seams on active outdoor clothing, down jackets, bags and backpacks, tents, sails, and heavy duty canvas covers.


Down Jacket & Sleeping Bag Repair:

Tent Repair includes zipper repair, screen repair, wall and floor repair and patches:

Need Seam Tape?  We seam tape in-house on outdoor clothing and tents:

Tailoring of Technical Outdoor Jacket and Pants:  Pants or sleeves too long?

  • You don’t have to tolerate active outerwear that doesn’t fit! We specialize in tailoring of technical outerwear pant & jackets so your outerwear fits and functions as if it were made for you right off the rack!

Lets do some stitchin’!    

Simply text or call Kim: 541-306-8727

Studio Location: 2618 NW Marken Street, Bend OR. 97701 Map
Find out why REI of Bend, Patagonia of Bend, Mountain Supply, Giant Loop Moto, Pine Mountain Sports, and Gear Peddler refer their customers to us!


3 thoughts on “Repairs

  1. I have a pair of motor cycle riding pants that have a broken zipper. The glide came off the right leg. The zipper seems to be in good working order, it was the glide that broke. The pants are made by Field Sheer. Would you be able to replace the glide or would you have to replace the whole zipper?

  2. I love camping and being outdoors so much. There is nothing better to do in the summer time. I have so many experiences where our tent would get destroyed in bad weather. It would have been nice to know back then that you can get your tents repaired and fixed instead of buying a new one every time it got damaged!

    • Pam, I checked out GC Sutherland, are you in the states? Yes, we to tons of repair work on tents, especially zippers and most of the time they can be repaired for under $35. Thanks for taking the time to comment. Kind regards, Kim

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